Helping People Avoid the Financial and Emotional Pain of a Bad Career Decision!



Discover the unique vocational design that God created you with, and understand what kinds of work fit your design.


Research which career fields and jobs fit your personality, interests, skills/abilities, and values.


Determine, research, and fund the education/training you’ll need to pursue God’s calling.


Position yourself to compete for jobs that match your God-given design.


Learn how to stay encouraged during the time-consuming, tiring process of pursuing your career calling.


Have an accountability partner to keep you focused on diligently pursuing your career calling.


Leo Kuiper

Leo Kuiper

Leo Kuiper's 21-year-old son was struggling about what to do after high school. Confused about…
Dr. Bill Bethea

Dr. Bill Bethea

Dr. Bill Bethea has served as the Senior Pastor of Westgate Baptist Church and President of Westgate Christian School since August 1998. He graduated from...
Milan Popat

Milan Popat

Milan Popat serves as Captain of the Public Safety Department of the South Carolina School…
Pastor Mark Hurley

Pastor Mark Hurley

Pastor Mark Hurley serves as the Youth Pastor of Westgate Baptist Church and as a teacher at…