154: When adversity strikes, roll up your sleeves, work hard, and don’t quit with Brannon Massey

Happy December 4, 2017! I hope you enjoy this encore performance of Career Callings Radio from December 12, 2016. God bless! – Robbie Romeiser

Brannon Massey has built and sold several businesses in his career, including a flooring construction company that led all of the flooring projects on the television show Extreme Makeover Season 9 Episode 1. Brannon is a Certified Coach through The John Maxwell Team where he works one-on-one and with groups in Leadership Training, Business Coaching and Speaking.

Time Stamped Show Notes:

  • [4 min 45 sec] Tell us about your career journey. Bought and sold stuff as a kid. Entered into a partnership with his uncle in the flooring business. Sold his part. That started a trend of starting and selling flooring businesses. Also opened an advertising business that catered to the flooring business.
  • [8 min 18 sec] Worst career failure? Got in trouble with the IRS after not paying taxes on time. IRS took money out of all of his business accounts. All business accounts in positive Thursday night and in the red on Friday morning. Payroll was due that day, and he had no money to pay. Collected money from clients that owed him money throughout the day and got payroll covered that day. Lesson: Listen to your accountant and pay attention to the details. People are generally decent.


  • [19 min 14 sec] How are you using your career to impact others for Christ? Encourages business leaders that he coaches to live out their faith in the workplace.
  • [21 min 15 sec] What three business tips can you offer to aspiring business owners? 1) Thoroughly research the business opportunity. 2) Put a business plan together. 3) Do the work. 4) Constantly review your progress. (Research – Plan – Do – Analyze)
  • [23 min 32 sec] What one book would you recommend? The Dream Giver by Bruce Wilkinson
  • [24 min 58 sec] What one piece of career advice would you give a room of high school seniors? Follow the RACE program: Reject passivity, Accept responsibility, Courageously lead, and Expect a great outcome.
  • [27 min 03 sec] How can people connect with you? 1) www.businessinfluencegroup.com 2) 864-442-6900


  • [29 min 58 sec] What was your biggest career success? Keeping both his business and his marriage intact and thriving during and after the worst career failure.
  • [31 min 35 sec] Biggest weakness? Not good at hiring people.
  • [32 min 43 sec] Biggest strength? Believing in and caring about people more than the profit.
  • [35 min 31 sec] Ever been confused about which career direction to go? During a short stay in Jacksonville, FL area, confused about whether to take a job or start a company. Took a job. Left over a compensation dispute. Got a straight-commission sales job after that and did well until returning to the Greenville area.
  • [41 min 08 sec] Ever had a challenge to your faith in the workplace? Many challenges to faith. Key to overcome is to predetermine before the challenge arises that you will obey The Lord.
  • [43 min 56 sec] Ever resisted God’s call? God was calling him to lead leaders, but he didn’t know how. Learned how to do it by connecting with mentors who showed him the way.
  • [47 min 17 sec] Your number one personal habit for success? Taking time to get alone first thing in the morning to build his relationship with The Lord and to get clarity on the day.
  • [48 min 46 sec] Your number one business habit for success? Relating to others by asking them good questions and listening.
  • [50 min 04 sec] Productivity tool? Zoho.com

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