156: To know which direction to go in your career, you have to learn how to listen to God with Robby Dilmore

Happy December 18, 2017! I hope you enjoy this encore performance of Career Callings Radio from September 2015. God bless! – Robbie Romeiser

Robby Dilmore Bio (from ChristianCarGuy.com):

Robby Dilmore. Robby started working in car dealerships back in 1971, (over forty years ago), washing cars. He went from car washer to service, parts, sales and eventually worked up to Dealer Principle of a Chrysler Dodge Jeep Store in 1998, where he was when God called him to start The Christian Car Guy Radio Show in January 2006.

The Christian Car Guy Radio Show is syndicated nationally on 27 radio stations with live streaming on the internet and podcasting available on ITunes and over 30 other outlets. Robby has been interviewed for the Christian Car Guy perspective across hundreds of other radio outlets including the Fox Radio Network, Financial Life Line, The G. Gordon Liddy, and Lars Larson radio shows even a National TV appearance on Fox and Friends.

His 30 second helpful tips feature, Stayin on The Highway is now also syndicated. Robby also hosts Kingdom Pursuits, another one hour live show on Saturdays that signed on in 2008 across the Truth Network.

Robby has been married over 25 years to his wife Tammy and has four Children, Leslie Brad, Robby III, Tess and Mariah, they are members of Calvary Baptist Church in Winston Salem.

Time Stamped Show Notes:

  • [4m 7s] Tell us how God has directed your career. In 1991, had just been promoted to be the General Manager of Crown Dodge in Greensboro, NC. By mid-October, he was in fear of losing his new job. Dealership had only sold 15 cars by mid-October when 100 cars per month was the norm. On 10-15-1991 (a Friday), he left the dealership, laid down in a field and prayed to God. (He was not a Christian at the time.) He mimicked a prayer he heard in a recent church sermon, and the prayer was that he would listen to God’s direction. Next day (on a Saturday), God showed him that what’s going to matter in the long run won’t be the number of cars he sold or high ratings on customer satisfaction surveys. What would matter? The number of people he helped. Called a sales meeting that morning (abnormal). Told his people that we won’t sell cars anymore; we will see how many people we can help. If that means taking them to the Nissan store, that’s what we’ll do. Sales force totally got it. By end of October, outsold all Crown dealerships, including the Honda store. Spent the rest of his career with the attitude, “How can I help everybody I get in front of – both here and eternally (after he got saved)?”
  • [10m 44s] Tell us about your salvation testimony. Bought Norman Vincent Peale’s Power of Positive Thinking series. Series said to get up an hour early and read Bible every morning. As he read, he got madder and madder at God’s high standard. When got to book of Job, realized he didn’t know what God knows. When got to New Testament, learned that Christ paid the price to meet that high standard for him. Accepted Christ..

Second Segment

  • [17m 56s] Any career confusion? Career seemed to be great. Then, got hit with lypmphoma. God healed him. Then, crushed by a Jeep. In a wheel chair for a couple of years. Dealership fired him, worried he couldn’t carry the load. Got great advice from a friend. Go to God and seek after Him and research a topic for a month that you’ve always wanted to learn. Don’t even think about your career. Studied leadership in the Bible.  A month later, out of the blue, the zone manager from Chrysler called. Told Robby that he didn’t know why they fired him in Winston-Salem, but Chrysler never sold cars in Winston-Salem until you were there. Offered Robby a dealership in Mocksville, NC. Robby took it. God definitely directed his steps.
  • [21m 30s] Tell us about your call to do The Christian Car Guy Radio Show. Was confused regarding some issues with the dealership. Was praying to God to direct his steps. Suddenly, an idea for this radio show comes into mind, and the show title enters in, too: “The Christian Car Guy.” Even got a vision of the logo! Started fighting God. Remembered a sermon – if God calls you to do something, God will open the door. Robby decided to throw out a fleece (like Gideon). He called his radio station owner friend, Stu Epperson, to run the idea by him. Figured if Stu thought it was a stupid idea, then it wasn’t of God. Stu loved the idea! God opened the door for the show to start locally, and soon He opened the door for syndication as well.
  • [24m 54s] What career advice would you give to a room of high school seniors? To understand your place in the story, you have to be familiar with the story – God’s story. You have to be part of His family. Then, you have to build your relationship with God so that you can identify His voice when He speaks to you.

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