158: In the multitude of counselors there is safety: 2016’s best lessons from Career Callings’ guests

Happy New Year 2018! I hope you enjoy this encore performance of Career Callings Radio from January 2, 2017. God bless! – Robbie Romeiser

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I can’t believe it! Today’s show marks the beginning of my third year on the air! To start the New Year right, I thought it would be great to reflect on some of the best lessons learned from our guests in 2016. I trust you will be blessed by listening to this special 2016 year-end review show; I know that I have certainly been blessed by putting it together! God bless, and Happy 2017! – Robbie Romeiser

Time Stamped Show Notes:

  • [3m 26s] KEVIN BRADY: How do you use your workplace as your mission field? Retains a corporate chaplain. They have devotionals at work. The chaplain offers help to both employees and clients of Guest and Brady. Makes a copy of the The Story (a translation of the Bible) available in the lobby. Has given out close to 300 of these over the last two years. Kevin and his partner decided years ago that they would make their business part of their ministry and not ministry part of their business. This mindset helps them understand that ministry has first place in their lives.
  • [8m 17s] JIM FURMAN: Excellence is a choice: Went from counting days to get out of Navy to becoming one of the best officers in department. Low point was the conviction that he just wasn’t living up to his potential. Lesson: We can accomplish many things if we put our minds to it and if we work hard and trust in God. Need to do all to the glory of God.
  • [10m 27s] GRANT EDWARDS: Top three business tips? 1) Create a business plan, which consists of an organizational plan, a marketing plan, an operations plan, and a financial plan. Also includes SMART goals – Specific, Measureable, Action-oriented, Realistic, and Timed goals. 2) Create critical measurements, or KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) that would define the success of the business. Create a measurement system that would communicate company progress to everyone in the company. 3) Find great people. Jim Collins in Good to Great says that the success of a business is not what and how but who. When selecting people, be focused on the Three Cs: Competency, Chemistry, and Character. Are your people competent? Do they fit into your corporate culture? Do they have good character?

Second Segment

  • [17m 30s] HERB EPLEE: Consult God before making decisions. Bought a piece of property that bottomed out. He didn’t pray about it prior to the purchase. Wasted about $150,000 on it. Lesson: Always pray prior to and rely on God when making an important decision. After consulting God about how to get out of the mess, created an employee discount benefit program serving employees of several large employers, including several hospital systems and school systems in several southeastern states.
  • [21m 30s] DR. RICHARD FURMAN: What pointers can you give to help people discern God’s vocational purpose for their lives? Ask for the Lord’s direction. Start making plans, set goals, knowing that the Lord will direct steps per Proverbs 16:9. Story of student at Appalachian State. Story of intending to open Golden Corral and going with Wendy’s instead.
  • [26m 43s] ROBBY DILMORE: Tell us how God has directed your career. In 1991, had just been promoted to be the General Manager of Crown Dodge in Greensboro, NC. By mid-October, he was in fear of losing his new job. Dealership had only sold 15 cars by mid-October when 100 cars per month was the norm. On 10-15-1991 (a Friday), he left the dealership, laid down in a field and prayed to God. (He was not a Christian at the time.) He mimicked a prayer he heard in a recent church sermon, and the prayer was that he would listen to God’s direction. Next day (on a Saturday), God showed him that what’s going to matter in the long run won’t be the number of cars he sold or high ratings on customer satisfaction surveys. What would matter? The number of people he helped. Called a sales meeting that morning (abnormal). Told his people that we won’t sell cars anymore; we will see how many people we can help. If that means taking them to the Nissan store, that’s what we’ll do. Sales force totally got it. By end of October, outsold all Crown dealerships, including the Honda store. Spent the rest of his career with the attitude, “How can I help everybody I get in front of – both here and eternally (after he got saved)?”

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