162: Cultivate a multitude of counselors in order to successfully pursue your calling with Jamie Jordan

Happy January 29, 2018! I hope you enjoy this encore performance of Career Callings Radio from March 6, 2017. God bless! – Robbie Romeiser

Jamie Jordan has over 25 years of experience as an entrepreneur, consultant, and leader in technology, healthcare, renewable energy, manufacturing and service environments.  Jamie currently serves as State Director for the South Carolina Christian Chamber of Commerce, President of Stravicom Global, Inc., a management consulting firm located in Charleston, SC and is Chairman of the Lifeworks Charleston Board, which is a non-profit ministry that supports Christian professionals seeking to apply their faith in the marketplace.

Time Stamped Show Notes:


  • [2 min 34 sec] Tell us about your family and your career journey. Currently president of Stravicom Global, a management consulting firm. Also, currently State Director of the SC Christian Chamber of Commerce. Background is in manufacturing. Created and sold a company. After that, started Stravicom. Has a passion for excellence in the workplace because we are supposed to do everything for God’s glory.
  • [6 min 48 sec] Worst career failure? Had grown our automation company to three locations in the southeast. Had grown over 25% per year for over ten years. Was very involved in the fiber-optic industry. About 50% of the business was in fiber optics. Fiber market crashed in August 2001. Business tanked. The location most dependent on fiber-optic sales lingered for 18 months and drained a lot of cash that hurt the company. Did eventually close that location, and the company recovered. But, it was tough. Lesson: Cut your losses sooner rather than later. Jamie recommends that if you have a disruption in your business, you have 90 days to figure out how to deal with it, or it might be better to shut that operation or product down and focus on the other offerings/products.


  • [15 min 53 sec] How did you come to the Lord as Savior? Raised in church, but did not like the hypocrisy he saw. After his divorce, got saved at a Promise Keepers meeting in 1995. Learned not to let other people get in the way of his relationship with Christ.
  • [17 min 47 sec] Ever been confused about which career direction to go? After salvation, thought he needed to be more passive. He had been a hard-driving executive prior to salvation. Wrestled with this and realized that God creates us all with varying personalities, strengths, and weaknesses. Need to be true to God’s design, not to live up to someone else’s expectations or stereotype. Took 10 years to figure this out.
  • [23 min 07 sec] How are you using your career to impact others for Christ? Took on State Director role of the SC Christian Chamber to encourage and to organize the Christian business community to make a practical impact on the day-to-day lives of people in SC.
  • [28 min 32 sec] How can people connect with you? jjordan@stravicom.com


  • [30 min 50 sec] Biggest career success? Learning how to help other people, in their careers, to align with God’s design. Helping develop people as leaders.
  • [33 min 34 sec] Have you ever been faced with a challenge to your faith in the workplace? If so, tell us about it. After he got saved, he integrated faith into the workplace, but did so in a way that created division rather than fostering unity. Wish he could have brought faith into the workplace in a more unifying way.
  • [37 min 43 sec] Personal habit that contributes to your success? Praying intentionally that God would prepare his heart and his calendar to embrace the divine appointments He has for him that day.
  • [40 min 02 sec] Your number one business habit for success? Listens to a lot of audio books while in the car.
  • [43 min 24 sec] Productivity tool? Calendar. Dropbox.
  • [44 min 22 sec] What three business tips can you offer to aspiring business owners? 1) Don’t take your journey alone. Surround yourself with good counselors. 2) Never go broke tired. Don’t hold on too long, get tired, and go broke all at the same time. 3) Always be building the team that can help you build excellence. It takes a team to consistently deliver excellence.
  • [46 min 30 sec] What book would you recommend? Built to Last. Good to Great. Great by Choice. How the Mighty Fall. (See all links below.)
  • [49 min 57 sec] Advice to high school seniors? 1) Understand how God wired you. God has wired us all differently. Seek to understand His design for you. 2) Be a lifelong learner. 3) Understand  your purpose and passion.
  • [53 min 31 sec] When do you know when to persist, and when do you know when to quit? Be in tune with the Lord so that you can hear the Holy Spirit. Surround yourself with godly counselors, too.

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