118: Doing Things God’s Way Makes Your Business More Valuable with Doug Hunter

Doug Hunter has been a follower of Jesus Christ for 45 years, married to his college sweetheart, Janet,
for almost 47 years, father of 3 sons and a daughter, and grandfather to Nathaniel, Emily and Katherine.  He has been engaged in the Global Marketplace Movement for over 30 years, and, as you will hear, has followed a career path only God could design.

Time Stamped Show Notes:


  • [2 min 03 sec] Tell us about your family and your career journey. Married to college sweetheart, Janet. 47 years of marriage. Children: Nathaniel (married with a son), Joel, Erik (married), and Jennifer (married, with two girls). Seeks a Christlike Culture by teaching CEOs how to make their workplace a place that honors Christ and cares for people. His Way at Work offers a set of tools and methodology that help CEOs do exactly that.
  • [9 min 15 sec] Did your “Corporate Culture” affect how others treated your company? Yes, it caused the company he was selling (an elevator company) to be more valuable.


  • [19 min 17 sec] Worst career failure/challenge? Being fired from a VP position for FCCI. He’d moved his family for this job. Learned to not burn bridges. Ended up coming back to the same organization as the CEO.
  • [23 min 23 sec] What did the guy say when he rehired you? He apologized and asked for forgiveness.
  • [26 min 18 sec] Productivity tool? His calendar.
  • [27 min 02 sec] How can people connect with you? Email: dough@hwaw.com


  • [30 min 27 sec] Biggest career success? Just seeing God make something from nothing. Helped rebuild Mongolia in the early 90s – built a television station which won 3 Emmy Awards.
  • [33 min 53 sec] One commonality that God did through your team while abroad? 1. Prayer and prayer support. A team still meets to pray for Mongolia. 2. Not limiting God, and staying on His agenda. 3. Recognizing and utilizing the nature of the body of Christ. Networking.
  • [37 min 46 sec] Was there ever a time when you were confused about which path God wanted you on? There was a time when he had nothing to work on; didn’t know where to go. Helped with his walk with God, however. God made his direction clear in the end.
  • [42 min 46 sec] How are you using your career to impact others for Christ? By making the workplace more Christlike and different through His Way at Work. Getting to minister to young couples.
  • [45 min 24 sec] Ever faced with a challenge to your faith? Not knowing when the changes of life are coming. When FCCI fired him. When Ravi Zacharias had to let him go.
  • [49 min 13 sec] Any personal habits that drive career success. 1. Learn to have regular time with God. 2. Be open with meeting and engaging with people.
  • [53 min 38 sec] What about a business habit? 1. Creating an atmosphere of prayer in the office. 2. Don’t just stay in the office, look at the bigger picture.
  • [56 min 21 sec]  3 pieces of advice for a startup business owner to be successful. 1. Pray! 2. Find people who can help you, be your advisers. 3. Kingdom impact.
  • [59 min 02 sec] 1 recommended book and why? Ken Eldred – God is at Work. Articulates the value of business to the kingdom and to the world. And Os Guiness – The Call. What we do is valued by God. You are not second class in the kingdom.
  • [1 hour 2 min] What advice would you give to a class of seniors? Identify your own passions and do it.

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