120: Career Success Follows From Earnestly Seeking God’s Will Before Making a Move with Herb Eplee

Happy April 10, 2017! I hope you enjoy this encore performance of Career Callings Radio from June 28, 2016 God bless! – Robbie Romeiser

Herb Eplee was raised in an entrepreneurial family and received a degree from Gardner Webb University before entering the pastorate. After leaving the pastorate, Herb entered the business world and became a marketing expert, achieving Emerald status with the Amway Corporation after beginning his Amway business in 1985. Currently, Herb helps companies with their group health insurance plans. He also helps senior citizens with their Medicare insurance policies.

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Time Stamped Show Notes:

  • [3m 30s] How did you get where you are in your career today? And tell us about your family. Two married daughters, wife Suzy, two grandchildren. Started Amway business in ’85, became profitable enough that he left normal job. Amway business is on autopilot now. Currently enjoys helping businesses with group health insurance plans and seniors with medicare.
  • [5m 10s] How has the Lord led you to impact others in your career? Was a pastor, easily relates to people in the business world. Always has operated better when he lets God take the reigns and lead the way. Started many businesses and an advertising business. Helped daughters get established in business. Shares the Gospel with people through business.
  • [7m 45s] Was there a time in your life when you were confused about which career path(s) God would have you follow? When/how did the smoke clear so that the career path(s) became evident? Bought a piece of property that bottomed out. He didn’t pray about it prior to the purchase. Wasted about $150,000 on it. Lesson: always pray prior to and rely on God when making an important decision.
  • [12m 30s] What was the business that you created and eventually sold to your daughter that got you out of that mess? Employee discount benefit program serving employees of several large employers, including several hospital systems and school systems in several southeastern states.
  • [17m 04s] What was another time when the situation was just downright depressing? First time as a solo pastor. As an “immature” pastor, God directed him to an “immature” church. Being a young, sole pastor of a young church, he was in a position of uncertainty and hesitation. Lesson: don’t be afraid to close one door if God is ready to open another one.
  • [24m 45s] What advise would you give to high school seniors? For Christian seniors: seek first the kingdom of God and be a strong student of the Word and He will guide you in the right steps. For Christian and secular seniors: don’t be in a rush to make a decision that you may later regret (like going to college without a clear reason as to why you are going.).


  • [29m 59s] Ever had a challenge to your faith in your career? Never been directly challenged, but often has wimped out when Holy Spirit has prompted to speak. Worried speaking up might hurt a business relationship or deal.
  • [31m 41s] What made you become less afraid to share your faith? Has been reading the Word more often, and that has made him more mature in the Lord and more bold for Him. Our work is our mission field.
  • [34m 47s] Best career moment? When God does something miraculous in your life, you know He cares. The business idea for the employee benefit program that got them out of their financial difficulty was proof to Herb of how much God loved him and wanted to provide for him.
  • [37m 12s] What is your biggest weakness? Trying to do too much. Over-committing.
  • [38m 55s] What is your biggest strength? Connecting with people.
  • [40m 38 s] Has there been a time(s) in your life when God directed you down a career path(s) that you didn’t want to go down or didn’t make sense to you? What happened? What lessons did you learn? Not really resistant to God’s direction, but occasionally fights laziness when it comes to mundane things of business.
  • [42m 30s] Personal habit leading to success? Do what you say your going to do. Keep your promises. Be a person of integrity. Seek God’s kingdom first.
  • [47m 44s] Productivity tip? First thing in the morning, spend about an hour in God’s Word. Critical to get right with God first thing. The rest of the day falls into place.
  • [51m 20s] Recommended books? Bringing Out the Best in People by Alan Loy McGinnis. Anything by John Maxwell.

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