121: To make good business and life decisions, there’s just no substitute for a multitude of counselors with Ken Collier

Ken Collier is the President of The Wilds Christian Association. Prior to assuming this role, Ken served as the Program Director, Assistant Director, and Director of The Wilds Christian Camp. He has co-authored a book, Biblical Leadership, with Matt Williams from Northland Ministries, and he has also been privileged to be a partner with Ron Hamilton in the writing and voicing of the Patch the Pirate recordings for over thirty years.

Time Stamped Show Notes:


  • [3 min 09 sec] Tell us about your family. 3 boys (all pastors) 1 girl, 15 grandchildren
  • [4 min 42 sec] Summary of your career journey. Ken Hay (founder of The Wilds) was Collier’s first camp director in Alabama and Collier loved it. Later Hay felt led of the Spirit to start a camp of his own, and Collier was guided by God to become part of it
  • [7 min 15 sec] Worst career failure/challenge? Collier had a tough time transitioning from be a task doer to managing other people. Learned through the process how to rely on a multitude of counselors to make good decisions. Also, learned how to build and lead a team by building consensus.


  • [21 min 09 sec] Biggest career success? He was able to surround himself with many wise counselors (a variety of strengths and personalities).
  • [24 min 50 sec] 1 recommended book and why? Changed Into His Image: God’s Plan for Transforming Your Life by Jim Berg
  • [26 hour 22 min] What advice would you give to a class of seniors? The focus of your life should be the obedience of the two greatest commandments.
  • [27 min 46 sec] How can people connect with you? ken.collier@wilds.org


  • [30 min 30 sec] Was there ever a time when you were confused about which path God wanted you on? He studied for youth ministry because back then there was no such thing as full-time camp service. Then a camp started up before college and he decided to get some experience on the ground. The confusion was more how God could use him. Need to understand how God made us and for what types of work he made us. Career Direct Assessment
  • [34 min 34 sec] 3 pieces of advice for a startup business owner to be successful. Get the right people (Good to Great by Jim Collins); know the timing and the ways of God; have the right goals.
  • [38 min 39 sec] How are you using your career to impact others for Christ? The people at The WILDS try to help young people connect the dots in regard to seeking God’s wisdom.
  • [40 min 04 sec] Any personal habits that drive career success. Getting up at a predetermined time and studying God’s Word.
  • [41 min 33 sec] What about a business habit? (previous answer)
  • [42 min 36 sec] Productivity tool? Do More Better: A Practical Guide to Productivity by Tim Challies

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