128: Why Southwest Airlines is successful and Pacific Southwest Airlines is gone with Robbie Romeiser

Happy June 5, 2017! I hope you enjoy this encore performance of Career Callings Radio from April 25, 2016. God bless! – Robbie Romeiser

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Time Stamped Show Notes:

  • [4 min 0 sec] Need for persistence when pursuing God’s career calling
    • [5 min 13 sec] Ex1: Failing a FL state exam 12 times before passing
    • [6 min 12 sec] Ex2: Failing a PA exam 8 times before passing
    • [6 min 48 sec] God gives us the power and will to do His good pleasure
    • [7 min 25 sec] Proverbs 24:10
  • [8 min 36 sec] Need to be consistent in your pursuit of God’s career calling
    • [9 min 0 sec] Author Jim Collins researched pairs of companies where one succeeded where the other did not and how the one succeeded
    • [10 min 9 sec]Ex: Southwest Airlines vs Pacific Southwest Airlines
    • [22 min 15 sec] Southwest Airlines succeeded because of durable operating practices
      • Chose to use one type of plane
      • Only be a short haul airline
      • Quick flight turnaround
      • No food
      • No interlining
      • Passengers only
      • Low fares
  • [25 min 17 sec] Need your own durable operating practices and consistence and persistence
  • [25 min 35 sec] South Pole race
    • One made it, other didn’t
    • The one who made it set a goal and stuck to it the whole entire time, regardless of weather

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