83: If you don’t know where you are going, you’ll probably end up somewhere else with Pressley Stutts

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Pressley Stutts is President/CEO of Presidium Partners, a firm that assists individuals Pressley Stutts 2.SMALLand companies with their health insurance, life insurance, and annuity investment needs. Presidium Partners also provides business strategy and branding advice for small businesses and start-up companies. For over twenty years, Pressley also catered to the spiritual needs of military personnel as a chaplain with the United States Navy Reserve, including a tour of duty in 2005 during Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Time Stamped Show Notes:

  • [3m 34s] How did you get to where you are in your career today? Variety of small business ventures over the years, but since 1995 have focused on the health insurance, life insurance, and annuities. Enjoys helping and interacting with people. Served as a chaplain in the US Navy reserve.
  • [6m 36s] Time when faith was challenged and how you reacted: senior chaplain said that Stutts had to stop praying specifically to God in public, Stutts respectfully disagreed with this and continued praying
  • [9m 7s] Lesson learned from time of discrimination in the military: stay steadfast and strong in your convictions and beliefs
  • [16m 39s] Number one personal habit that drives career success: persistence and consistency
  • [18m 24s] Number one business habit that drives career success: persistence and consistency, find mentors
  • [21m 57s] Three things that you would tell a new start-up to help him/her be successful: 1) have the leadership of the Holy Spirit; 2) plan your work; 3) be prepared to work a lot
  • [25m 14s] Recommend one book and why: Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill; to help people grow rich in every area of their life
  • [26m 22s] Best advice for high school seniors: make your bed every morning (exemplifies and exercises discipline); if you can complete the small, insignificant tasks, than you will be more suited to take on the big tasks
  • [27m 22s] Best ways to reach Pressly Stutts: Facebook Pressly Stutts, email: pressleystutts@gmail.com, phone number: (864) 881-4777


  • [30m 21s] Biggest career failure or struggle and how you got there: after seminary he went to a church with not much spirituality and the people were resistant; he felt like he wasn’t very free to minister as God would want him to
  • [38m 18s] Time in life when you were confused about which career path God would have you to follow and if so how did He clear the smoke? After coming back from a tour on active duty, questioned whether pastoring was what he was supposed to be doing. Saw that he could serve the Lord in business, and felt led to leave the pastorate for a career in business. Whatever you do, do it for God’s glory.
  • [45m 46s] How are you using your current career to impact others for Christ? tries to walk in the Lord and people see that and that opens up a dialogue
  • [48m 4s] Was there a time in your life when God directed you down a path that you just did not want to go down or that you were confused about? no; he has always been curious and hasn’t really been fearful when God has directed him down a very different path
  • [50m 4s] Productivity tool that maximizes efficacy in the workplace: an application called Keep (Google Keep); keeps him on track with daily to-dos and scheduling

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