84: I’m an investor, and my currency is people with Brooks Israel

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The Hiring Group is the premier technical staffing firm headquartered in the Atlanta area. With 30+ years of experience in the technical staffing industry our team exclusively targets Applications, DataBrooks Israel
Science, Advanced Analytics, Technology Infrastructure, IT Security, and Engineering skillsets to support client needs across their enterprise. THG provides technical staffing via Contract, Contract-to-Hire, Direct Placement, and/or Employer of Record Services to companies of all sizes.

And one of The Hiring Group’s founders, and its managing partner Brooks Israel, is with me today on the show!

Time Stamped Show Notes:

  • [3m 6s] Who is Brooks Israel and what is the Hiring Group? Married with two children. Started the Hiring Group with his business partner after his previous workplace made undesirable changes. Been in the industry for 13-14 years.
  • [5m 0s] What twists and turns have you experienced on your career path? Accepted first job he could get. Moved companies when he realized he couldn’t find his “life’s purpose” there. Decided to create his own company.
  • [8m 58s] What did you define your “life purpose” as at that time? Didn’t know exactly what it was, but wanted to be able to balance his work life and his family life.
  • [16m 9s] Worst career failure: Hiring family members
  • [17m 15s] Other lessons to learn: Work on building other’s confidence rather than trying to fix things in an abrupt way.
  • [20m 25s] Number 1 personal habit that you use that drives your success: Caring for people.
  • [22m 29s] 3 things to do to be successful in starting a business: 1) Have a business partner who isn’t like you. 2) Expect 2-3 years of financial strain. 3) Hire, trust, and coach great people. 4) Don’t ever give up. Keep thinking positive.
  • [23m 45s] Best advice for high school seniors: Participate in your own success and survival. Life is competitive. Be willing to work hard.
  • [24m 49s] Book to recommend and why: StandOut by Marcus Buckingham. Book helps people learn about themselves and their strengths as well as how to work with other people. Also The Accidental Salesperson by Chris Lytle.
  • [26m 44s] Best way for people to connect: Motivational email: info@thehiringgroup.com. Personal: bisrael@thehiringgroup.com. HQ number: (770) 545-6262.


  • [29m 56s] Connection to Atlanta: Had to form the business outside of a certain radius of Brooks’ previous employer.
  • [31m 09s] Biggest career success: Starting The Hiring Group.
  • [34m 57s] Biggest weakness in the workplace: Always the last person to give up on someone, maybe to the point of harming the workforce.
  • [36m 43s] Biggest strength in the workplace: Provider and teacher. “I’m an investor and my currency is people.”
  • [37m 38s] How have you helped redirect someone through counseling? Redirected someone from whatever he was doing to becoming a football coach. Coach is successful now.
  • [42m 13s] Business habit that has helped him be successful: Looking for the best way to teach someone. People can be taught in different and more effective ways.
  • [43m 19s] Productivity tool: Calling people via the phone.

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