86: Your career calling should rest on a foundation of “being a friend” with Lee Moseley

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Lee Moseley is a Life Coach, Chaplain and founder and President of One-on-One Ministries, Inc., a Non-Profit 501(c)3 Corporation, and Director of Chaplain Services for Business Care of America, both serving
the Upstate of SC. Lee has over 40 years in ministry experience that includes work in three branches of our United States Armed Forces (working with and alongside military chaplains) and serving seven ministerial church positions.

Lee has authored three books, and he is also in the process of publishing six other manuscripts. Lee holds degrees in Christian Ministries, Counseling, Theology, a Masters of Divinity, and has done Doctoral coursework.

Time Stamped Show Notes:

  • [2m 40s] When have you had time to sleep in your life? Busy with large family, pastoring, and writing. 
  • [3m 10s] Tell us about yourself and what you are doing now with your coaching ministry and business care in America. He counsels people one on one. Also, works as a corporate chaplain helping business owners attend to the physical and spiritual needs of employees. Increases productivity of the business.
  • [10m 45s] How do you generate income? Donations from churches and being hired by companies as a chaplain.
  • [18m 0s] Worst career failure: Being in $90,000 in debt as a result of real estate deals gone bad.
  • [24m 30s] #1 personal habit that contributes to success: Reading the Bible and writing about what he’s learned. Also, prayer.
  • [25m 53s] Recommend one book: Lifestyle Evangelism by Joe Aldrich.
  • [27m 22s] Best way for people to connect: Cell: (864) 384-8455 Website: BusinessCareofAmerica.org. Email: lee-111@att.net


  • [30m 00s] Biggest career success: Being part of a pastoral staff where he helped grow the church by matching people’s strengths to ministry needs.
  • [38m 05s] Have you ever been confused about which path God wanted you to follow? In college, really unsure which direction to go. God pointed him down the path of ministry.
  • [48m 54s] Productivity tool/advice to high school seniors: Putting people over money. Be a friend.

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