91: Following God’s lead with focused determination is the recipe for success with Tony Bloemsma

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Tony Bloemsma is a Christian saved through Jesus Christ through Christ’s redeeming work on the cross for him. He has been a Real Estate investor/Entrepreneur since 1999, primarily focused on retirement mobile home parks, residential development, and shopping centers.

Time Stamped Show Notes:

  • [3m 00s] Tell us how God has directed your career. Real estate investor/entrepreneur since 1999. Retirement mobile home parks, shopping centers, and residential development. He and his wife have adopted ten children over the years. Home school the kids.
  • [5m 34s] Worst career failure? During the Internet craze of the late 1990s, he traded options in the stock market. He lost $48,000 the year the Dot.com bubble burst. He needed those funds to run the business in those days. Lesson: The Lord showed him he was greedy. He was distracted from his real estate business to chase “easy money” in the Dot.com craze.
  • [8m 54s] Biggest career success? Buying his first retirement mobile home park. Was a success due to doing daily tasks over and over that needed to be done. Provide value to others first, and then success will come.
  • [10m 52s] Biggest weakness? Written communication.
  • [11m 25s] Biggest strength? Determination mixed with caution.


  • [17m 40s] How are you using your business to reach others for Christ? Lives the same in the workplace as he does at church. Causes people to ask him questions. More specifically, when he knows someone is hurting, he offers to pray for them and with them right then and there.
  • [20m 34s] Number one personal habit? 1) Exercise about 6 days a week. Good diet. Helps him have more energy and focus. 2) Daily devotions with The Lord.
  • [23m 37s] Recommended book: Confessions of a Real Estate Entrepreneur by James Randel
  • [24m 25s]  Advice to high school seniors? 1) Be faithful to the mission God has shown you to pursue. 2) Define what success is. It’s not money and power. Success is made up of spiritual, physical, and vocational success – pursued one day at a time. Success is a journey, not a destination.
  • [28m 05s] How connect? tbloemsma@gmail.com


  • [30m 30s] Ever confused about which career path God would have you follow? Never been confused on a career decision. Seeks The Lord in prayer for His direction before making the decision.
  • [32m 30s] Number one business habit. Reads books. Particularly likes business biographies of Christian business people. Recommends Mover of Men and Mountains by R.G. LaTourneau. God Owns My Business by Stanley Tam.
  • [34m 20s] Productivity tool? His administrative assistant. She covers all of his weaknesses. Robbie recommended a tool called www.rebump.cc. Lesson: Outsource your weaknesses.
  • [36m 59s] Business tips: 1) Get your mind focused on the right things, 2) Risk your money, not someone else’s, 3) Don’t do something crazy. Ask godly advisors before taking a step. Everyone should have their own board of directors.

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