92: Two simple steps to discovering your career calling | Why isn’t your career going anywhere? with Robbie Romeiser

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  • [2m15s] What is the difference between a career and a calling? A career is a job that you do for a very long time. A calling is a burden from the Lord to do something for His glory by serving other people. A career calling is where your job and your burden merge. 
  • [3m 43s] How does a person identify his or her career calling? First, understand that wherever you are working now, that workplace is your mission field. You are called to serve the Lord right where you are now. But, to identify your career calling, identify your dominant gift (what you do extremely well with the least amount of effort) and pinpoint your burden (a God-given, deeply emotional, insatiable desire to help people solve a certain problem). Your career calling is where these two things intersect.


  • [20m 10s] Do I have a right to enjoy my work? Yes! Ecclesiastes 5:18 teaches us that we have the right to enjoy our labor – and the fruits thereof. However, the Bible does not guarantee that our work for Him will always be fun. It will always be fulfilling – for obeying God is always fulfilling – but it may not always be fun. The stories of Ezekiel (see chapter 4) and Jeremiah illustrate this (see Jeremiah 20:9).
  • [24m 31s] What is the biggest reason that my career isn’t going anywhere? It may be because you are trying to build a career that is contrary to God’s will. See Psalm 127:1. You cannot build a house (or career) without the Lord being in it. Also see Psalm 127:2. Hard work is vain apart from God’s will.


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