Career Callings Radio: February 21, 2015

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  • Helping Sally uncover her passion.
  • Know what you value as you seek out God’s work for you.

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From Robbie on the February 21, 2015 Career Callings Radio Show:

You can be in a career field that is a good match for your vocational interests, skills, and personality strengths and still experience job dissatisfaction and stress if your work does not match your values. For example, many people value working outdoors and will never feel totally comfortable working in the confines of a building. Others may need to know that they are helping people directly in their work and will not be satisfied working alone or with machines. Many people think that they can be happy doing most anything if it makes them successful in the material sense. All too often, they find themselves unfulfilled and burned out a few years into their careers. Using values as a criteria for career choices can preclude much of the disappointment and career stress present in today’s workplace.

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