Career Callings Radio: October 26 | October 31, 2015

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  • Recognizing and following God’s leading in your career with author Kathy Eytchison.

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Kathy Eytchison Bio:

Kathy is a dedicated wife, mother and daughter of the King. She possesses a sales and management background but that was not meant to be her lifelong path. During Kathy’s first pregnancy she was placed on bed rest only two months in, removing her from the typical workplace and bringing her focus closer to home.

As she rose to the challenge of raising a growing family, God began to steer her path and mold her heart, starting to reveal that He had a different plan for her future. A few years later Kathy and John decided to homeschool their three children and Kathy became a teacher, another new and crucial role. Being in the role of mother and teacher, her creative side was awakened. As the pieces continued to fall into place, God revealed the plan He had for Kathy and John to co-author Elkan: The Adventure of a Lifetime and later Kathy began to teach creative writing classes at the local homeschool co-op.

Kathy poured herself into her family, her children, her husband and began to do the extensive research for writing this book. Today she continues to teach, to write and to share her giving and joyful spirit with all she comes in contact with.

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