Pastor Mark Hurley

    Pastor Mark Hurley serves as the Youth Pastor of Westgate Baptist Church and as a teacher at Westgate Christian School in Spartanburg, SC. Burdened for teens and their pursuit of God’s calling in their lives, Pastor Mark recently observed a Career Callings consultation for one of the young men in his youth group.

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    And Here Are Some Other Great Testimonials From Satisfied Clients…

    Thank you for the consultation today.  I have to admit, I had low expectations going into the meeting.  However, I found our conversation to be insightful and I’m looking forward to moving forward with the suggestions we discovered during the process. Thanks again! 

    – Mark G., Business Owner

    Shawn and I felt the overall Career Direct Assessment for Charles was extremely helpful and we liked the fact that it is Christian based. We thought it was definitely worth the investment and would recommend to other people. We are very excited where this will lead Charles. Thank you!

    – Doreen Simonds

    Career Calling’s Assessment has given me extra insight into who I am as a person and what that actually can look like in a job setting. I have often felt frustrated with different jobs and not entirely knowing why. Now I feel like I have confirmation on why. So often my job choices did not match up with my personality or my values. I feel like I now have a clearer picture of what I can pursue and succeed at within my gifts and passions that God has blessed me with. What an encouragement it is to work with other Christians who can prayerfully help and guide us to a more fulfilling career and life in Christ. I will definitely pass the word around about Career Callings since my experience has been so positive!

     – Raelynne F.

    I was able to take the career assessment test from Career Direct, recently, and I am very impressed! The assessment test is straight forward and easy to take. At the same time it was more detailed than career assessment tests that I have taken in the past. The career assessment offered by Career Direct is focused on bringing the person, that is taking the test, to a place where they can see what careers could best suit them because of their strengths and weaknesses. I feel that the consultation was very helpful, and the consultant that helped me, Robbie Romeiser, was encouraging and explained everything well. On a personal level, I really like that it is a Christian organization, and I liked that my consultant prayed with me at the opening and the close of the consultation. I feel this was a very important and positive experience, and that I have more direction for the future.

    – Alec C.

    I highly recommend Career Callings to anyone seeking guidance in their choice of a profession. I have recently been considering a career change, and their “Career Direct Guidance System” provided a scientific approach in determining whether or not this change aligned with my personality, interests, skills and values. After studying the results of this system, along with the invaluable assistance of my consultant, Robbie Romeiser, I am certain that I am on a path that makes sense for me and is in accordance with God’s plan for my life.

    – Bo W.

    We feel that Robbie’s assessment has been a valuable tool as we seek the career path that God has for our son. Also, Robbie has provided a wealth of resources to use as we continue searching. Thanks!

    – Susan K.

    I heard a radio segment on Money Wise where Robbie was interviewed.  I checked out his website and purchased the Career Direct assessment.  My electronic experience was easy to follow.  Once I completed the assessment, Robbie conducted a video call consultation with me to review my results.  He’s easy to talk to and his passion for helping people find their career direction comes through in his compassionate communication style.  After asking several questions, he explained everything well and helped highlight certain insights that were key to my future.  More importantly, God and His glory came shining through the session.   While Robbie was asking insightful questions during the session, I experienced a significant moment of confirmation and revelation for my life.  I could see a glimpse of the bigger picture God had been working in my life over the last few years.  Suddenly, several events made sense and prayers were answered while inspiring an enthusiasm to move toward my confirmed career calling.  Praise God for the work Robbie is doing for and through Him and my sincere thanks for helping direct me on to my Kingdom work.

    -Denise H.

    So thankful to have received valuable advice from a Godly man like Robbie and helpful resources from such a well put together program!

    -Braden P.

    The Career Callings assessment clearly confirmed where our son should be headed with his life’s work. Robbie showed keen interest in our consultation and followed up with great resources. I have recommended Career Direct to our church and I will continue to tell others!

    – Allan Pole

    Robbie Romeiser and Career Callings provide an exceptional service at a great value for those looking for clarity in what career to pursue that best fits your interests, skills, and work values.  I thoroughly enjoyed my experience and would recommend Robbie as the “Go-to Guy” for career discovery help.  My career assessment was incredibly detailed and Robbie spent two and a half hours with me personally helping me to understand the assessment.  He was super personable, well prepared, professional, and fun to work with.  This was well worth it as an investment in myself and my future!

    -Aron Kling

    Taking the Career Direct Assessment was very beneficial for me to figure out what are the things that I value in life and in work. The follow up consultation was even more helpful to me because a real-life person was able to walk me through my assessment results and able to answer any questions I had about my results. I have learned so much about myself just after a couple hours of my time and now I have a clearer picture of what specific jobs I should be looking for. Thank you Mr. Robbie Romeiser and Career Callings!

    -Ethan Miller

    I purchased Career Direct for my 17-yr old son, and included the personal consultation with Robbie Romeiser.  The report was valuable, but getting to walk through it and expose my son to Robbie’s analysis was even more valuable.  Robbie helped explain the details of the report, as well as introduce us to additional resources for our son’s next steps.  This was time and money well-spent.

    -Gene Ownbey, Greenville, SC

    I am so thankful for the opportunity for our son to take the Career Assessment test, but even more thankful for our opportunity to meet with Robbie one-on-one to discuss the results of the assessment. The questions Robbie asked our son prior to opening the report were very insightful as a parent.  We spend quite a bit of time talking with all of our children, yet Robbie was able to ask questions in ways that challenged our son to really think through his answers. We all left the meeting very excited about the future and next steps to be taken!

    – Angie Ownbey

    Mr. Romeiser helped me more than I could have imagined. He showed me not only career paths and ways to find them, but he also showed me in a way that pleases my Christian values. From the findings of the test, I am excited for my future and having a plan, not running around without an idea of what I would like to do.

    – Luke Ownbey