After preparing yourself for the work God has called you to do, you must compete for jobs that align with your personality, interests, skills/abilities, and values. Competing for jobs that match your God-given design includes:

  • Approaching employers who have available jobs that match your God-given vocational design.
  • Preparing winning resumes and cover letters that attract the attention of your preferred employer(s).
  • Getting ready for the interview, which includes preparing great answers to an interviewer’s questions AND preparing your own questions to ask the interviewer. Even if the employer wants you after the interview, you want to make sure you want to work for that employer!

Many Career Callings clients choose to conduct the Compete phase on their own. Many others, however, prefer having an accountability partner during the Compete phase, finding that having an accountability partner keeps them focused on diligently pursuing jobs that meet their God-given pattern of work.

Career Callings is a member of Crossroads Career Network, a ministry founded by Brian Ray, former Vice President and Executive Committee Member of the Chick-fil-A restaurant chain. While at Chick-Fil-A, Mr. Ray was responsible for Human Resources, Operator Ventures and Administration, and he has used his extensive knowledge of human resources  to develop a biblically-based, 7-step process to help people discover and pursue their career calling.

Career Callings Coaching, utilizing the Crossroads Career process, helps people compete for their career calling by:

  • Providing guidance on where to find available jobs that that match their God-given vocational design.
  • Providing resources on creating winning resumes and cover letters.
  • Providing direction on how to engage in an interview process that helps both employers and employees recognize a good vocational fit.

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