Throughout the process of pursuing the work God has called you to do, you must take courage. Whether you are a young person seeking your first career or a seasoned worker in one of life’s transition times, your pursuit of God’s calling can be hindered by any number of the following emotions: fear, doubt, worry, anxiety, stress, denial, shock, irritation, anger, and depression.

Finding a career that is in sync with your vocational design is usually a very time-consuming process that requires a lot of faith and patience. Career Callings Coaching clients will receive regular encouragement from their coaches as they fight the good fight of vocational obedience to God.  But, desiring also to encourage those who choose not to participate in the Career Callings Coaching program, Career Callings offers the following free resources for encouragement:

  • Today’s Quote From God ( Written by CareerCallings.Net founder Robbie Romeiser, Today’s Quote From God is a daily devotional designed to bring the reader (and the author) into closer fellowship with God. Since God is the source of all joy, then a daily walk in His presence is essential to being encouraged in all areas of life, including the pursuit of His career calling for our lives.
  • Career Callings Blog: The Career Callings Blog contains how-to lessons on discovering, preparing for, and pursuing God’s vocational calling. Written from a biblical worldview, the lessons in the Career Callings Blog provide encouragement by empowering its readers with the know-how and the trust in God necessary to pursue the work He has called us to do.
  • Career Callings Magazine: Career Callings Magazine is a compilation of both faith-based and secular articles on career-related matters. Syndicated through the social media site, Career Callings Magazine encourages its readers by helping them understand that they are not alone in their career search. Millions of other people across the globe are trying to find their calling as well!

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