Sometimes you’re in a rut because you’re not aiming high enough.

I’ve heard it, and you probably have, too: a rut is nothing but a grave with the ends kicked out. If you feel like your job search is in a rut, then consider this reason posed by Forbes Magazine: you’re not aiming for jobs that take you to the next level. As author Liz Ryan states in her article, Are You Pitching Your Job Search High Enough?:

Our client Andrew was getting nowhere in his job search when he called us. “I’m applying for jobs that I know I could perform in my sleep,” he said. “There’s your problem!” we told him.

It’s logical to think “If I want a job, I should apply for jobs that I’ve already performed for years.” We think “There are a lot more lower-level and mid-level jobs than senior-level ones.” All of that is logical thinking.

There is always the fear factor. Andrew is smart as a whip and has tons of experience. He had been a Purchasing Manager for years and then held a Director of Materials position for a year in a start-up that folded. When Andrew was back on the talent market, he applied for jobs he thought were a slam-dunk. He went after Purchasing Manager jobs. He got lots of interviews, but no offers.

“They loved me at the job interviews,” he said. “In one case the HR person told me that the VP of Operations only had a half hour available to spend with me. We ended up talking for two hours!”

Of course they loved Andrew — who doesn’t love free consulting? Nobody made Andrew an offer, because he was pitching his job search too low. Every hiring manager he met saw something in Andrew to be afraid of.

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