129: Do or do not, there is no try with Will Huss

Will Huss is the second president and CEO of Trehel Corporation, a post he has held since December 2007. Under his strategy, Will has spearheaded Trehel’s transformational growth as one of the most distinguished and diversified general contractors in the Southeast.

Will earned a bachelor’s degree in architecture at Clemson University where he also did post baccalaureate and graduate studies in construction science and management. Will resides in Clemson, SC with his wife Missy and they have four children, Webb, Mary Campbell, Branton, and Maggie.

Time Stamped Show Notes:

  • [5m 20s] How did you get to where you are in your career today? Got a dual degree. Went into construction.
  • [8m 06s] How are you using your career to impact others for Christ? Internally: not a Christian company, per say, but the Christian faith is not a secret. Very open about beliefs in the workplace. Shepherding – love your coworkers as well as clients, weep with them, share joys too. External: shepherd by designing and procuring construction. Being honest and fair.
  • [17m 07s] Personal habit that has contributed to career success: Reminding himself why he’s doing what he’s doing – his love for God and his family. Prayer. Persistence – there is a way to solve things, somehow. He also keeps inspirational/motivational quotes around the office.
  • [20m 58s] Three things that you would tell a new start-up to help him/her be successful: Start-ups are hard 1. Surround yourself with the right people 2. Have a common vision 3a. Pray a lot 3b. Marry well
  • [24m 17s] Number one book that you would recommend other than the Bible: Failing Forward by John Maxwell.
  • [25m 52s] Best advice for high school seniors: Figure out your passion, and do it, regardless of what it is. Don’t make decisions based on money and power
  • [27m 54s] Ways to reach Will Huss: Email: whuss@trehel.com Phone number: (800) 319-7006

Bonus Time

  • [30m 42s] How did your degree shape your faith? Kept being told “there are no absolutes.” He had to research in the Bible for ways to reflect the Bible’s absolutes in his work. Learned a lot of philosophy. Learned to be able to back up his beliefs and truths of scripture.
  • [35m 15s] Worst career moment and what lessons learned: 1. Didn’t listen to wise counsel or his “gut.” 2. Transformation from the mindset of owning the business to being a steward of the business because of the economy crashing.
  •  [39m 41s] Biggest career success and what made it so successful? Construction: finishing certain projects on time and under budget. Family atmosphere at work, so rejoicing in each other’s joys.
  • [42m 41s] Time when you were confused about which career path to take and how did God clear the smoke? Right after first college graduation, went to get a seminary degree but turned and went back to get a construction degree. Realized he could still impact people’s lives through doing what he loved: construction.
  • [44m 29s] Business habit that has contributed to career success: Transparency, taking initiative, honesty, willingness to ask forgiveness, building relationships
  • [44m 18s] Productivity tool that has helped you achieve maximum effectiveness in the workplace: Microsoft Outlook. Reminders, scheduling

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