73: How networking with older, wiser people can make or break your career with Josh Kimbrell


Josh Kimbrell is the host of the daily radio show Common Cents and is chairman of the Palmetto Conservative Alliance. Through Common Cents and the Palmetto Conservative Alliance, Josh fights for Christian Worldview-based conservative values in the public arena and seeks to build a culture of life, liberty and economic opportunity for all South Carolinians.

Time Stamped Show Notes:

  • [4:17] How God has led Josh to where he is in his career: God-given fascination with history and civic engagement, started in college.
  • [6:31] Worst moment along the way and the lesson learned: Difficulty in starting an early morning radio program, initially with no listeners, wondering why even bothering. Lesson: God never promises that following His call will be easy. We need to trust Him for each step.
  • [11:10] Was there a moment of an epiphany from God that enabled you to “transform” into the success that you are today: Has had many of those moments. God provides many course corrections. God directs our steps; we need to obey.
  • [17:15] Time when you were unsure of God’s path and how did God “clear the smoke”: Unclear on whether or not to run for State House of Representatives. At first, seemed like the right thing to do. But, older and wiser people that God put into Josh’s life counseled that now was not the time. Followed the counsel, and it was right not to run.
  • [21:35] Best piece of advise for high school seniors: Eat meals with people older than you as often as you can. Learn and network.
  • [23:15] Was there a time in life that God directed you to a career path that you didn’t want to go down, if so, what lessons learned: Yes; need to think about overarching purpose and what you are passionate about because that can be manifested in many different ways, a calling may have a large range of specific jobs.
  • [25:15] Personal habit that has contributed to overall success and service in the Lord: Red Bull, running (exercise). Do what it takes to keep your energy level up so you can do the work you are called to do.
  • [27:05] One book to recommend: Greatness: Reagan, Churchill, and the Making of Extraordinary Leaders, very inspirational

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