100: Failure is not final; God can still use you and your career with Dr. Robert Karl

Dr. Robert Karl joined Family Physicians of Spartanburg in 2015, previously serving as a Primary Carerobert_j_karl_md Physician and owner of Nevada Family Care, as Medical Director of a Wound Healing Center, and as an Adjunct Faculty member at Touro University in Nevada. Dr. Karl sees patients from newborn to geriatric, and his passions include following Jesus, spending time with his family, taking great care of his patients, technology, and travel.

Time Stamped Show Notes:

  • [3 min 45 sec] Tell us about your career journey. Moved to Henderson, Nevada. Started a practice. Expected to retire there. In 2014, a friend living in Spartanburg, SC challenged Rob to check out jobs in Spartanburg. Rob wasn’t interested, he was so happy in Nevada. Jokingly, Rob Googled “family medicine jobs” in Spartanburg, and the first job that popped up was the one he is in now at Family Physicians of Spartanburg. Was intrigued by the job description, esp. “looking for someone who desires to honor Jesus in everything he or she does.” Why was he willing to leave Nevada? Rob lives by a motto, “Never say no!” without first taking baby steps to take time, pray, and see what the Lord has in store. If after investigation the answer is “no,” then fine.


  • [15 min 52 sec] Worst career failure? Out of residency, had nine job offers in Las Vegas metro area. He chose one after much investigation. But, in 3 months, he realized he had made a mistake. His boss was very greedy. Treated his people poorly. Rob left to start his own practice 8 months after moving to the area. Took on a lot of debt to do that; wishes he hadn’t. But, the Lord enabled him to pay it off quickly. Lesson: Failure is not final. God can use all things for His glory and your good.
  • [22 min 03 sec] How do you use your workplace as your mission field? We do not know the depth of God’s work in the world. Even the simple statement, “God loves you!”, can make all of the difference. Prays that God will help him say and do the right things for his employees and for his patients. Israel Houghton story. Israel’s mother was going to have an abortion. But, a random stranger came to her and said, “I don’t know why, but I think I’m supposed to tell you that Jesus loves you.” Because of that, she didn’t abort, and now Israel influences people around the world with his music.
  • [26 min 42 sec] What one piece of career advice would you give a room of high school seniors? Whatever you do, do it with all of your might; do it excellently; do it as unto The Lord.


  • [30 min 09 sec] Biggest career success? Getting to share in the lives of his patients. Having no debt as a company and having more than enough income to sustain desired lifestyle. Achieved debt-free status by diligently controlling expenses and creating efficiencies.
  • [35 min 22 sec] Biggest weakness? Attention problem. Difficult to stay on focus. Cannot multi-task; must focus on one thing at a time.
  • [37 min 35 sec] Biggest strength? Able to rely on other people. Sees the value of the others he works with. Creating systems.
  • [41 min 23 sec] Ever had a challenge to your faith in the workplace? No. Offers to pray with people. Although some may have been hesitant, no one have ever turned him down. Asks people what happens after they die. When people respond, “Nothing,” he asks how do they know it? He helps them see that everyone has faith in something, whether science, religion, or something else. When he brings them to that point, they can continue the conversation.
  • [45 min 30 sec] Your number one personal habit for success? System formation (later corrected himself, calling this his #1 business habit). (See business habit for personal habit.)
  • [46 min 26 sec] Your number one business habit for success? System formation. #1 personal habit is prioritization: God 1st, family 2nd, everything else after.
  • [48 min 55 sec] Productivity tool? Up to Date (medicine-focused app). Epocrates (medicine-focused app)
  • [50 min 56 sec] What three business tips can you offer to aspiring business owners? 1) Minimize debt and maximize cash on hand. 2) Systemitize.  3) Trust your team of people. Train them to use the systems, and trust them.
  • [51 min 58 sec] What one book would you recommend? 1) The Most Excellent Way to Lead: Discover the Heart of Great Leadership by Perry Noble, 2) The 4-Hour Work Week by Tim Ferris, 3) The E-Myth: Why Most Small Businesses Don’t Work and What to Do About It by Michael Gerber

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