126: A great clue to finding your calling is discovering what you are passionate about with Damien Stevens

Happy May 22, 2017! I hope you enjoy this encore performance of Career Callings Radio from November 14, 2015. God bless! – Robbie Romeiser

Like many entrepreneurs, Damien Stevens wasn’t fond of school, dropping out of both high school (though he did get his GED) and college before finding his place in this world as an entrepreneur. After launching website development company Utopia Net with business partner Milan Popat, Damien launched Servosity, an online backup and disaster recovery service that caters to business clients.

Time Stamped Show Notes:

  • [4m 31s] Tell us about how God has led you to where you are today. Dropped out of high school at the beginning of 10th grade. Went to work as the sweeper at a cotton mill to help his family make ends meet. Worked 8-12 hours shifts. Took his GED and passed it. Later took computer courses at Spartanburg Technical (now Community) College. Dropped out of college with a semester to go. Took a job working on computers. Got laid off. Started applying for jobs. No luck. Opened his first business in 1999 at age 20, i.e., Utopia Net.
  • [16m 23s] How did you go from Utopia Net to Servosity? Made a lot of mistakes. Was really tough. But, was committed to doing whatever it took to get the sites up on time and on budget. But, saw a need for backup services and didn’t find anything that worked the way he wanted it to work. So, he built Servosity as a side project to Utopia Net. In two years, Servosity was generating the same revenue that Utopia Net was generating after about a decade in business. Sold Utopia Net in 2010 to focus on Servosity.
  • [20m 32s] Can you pinpoint a time when it seemed like God was directing you down a path that didn’t make sense, and what lessons did you learn? Before starting his first business, tried several different jobs/industries to see if he could figure out what he wanted to do. Finally found his calling in IT. Took years before he started earning a decent income. Despite that fact, he knew he was on the right track because he was passionate about helping people with their websites and, now, with their server backups. Passion for a work is a clue to that work being tied to your calling.
  • [25m 11s] Best advice for high school seniors: Just start working on something that you are passionate about. Even if you are not yet sure what you are passionate about, work on what you think you are passionate about and see if you really are. Also, remember that you work for God.
  • [27m 38s] How can people connect with you? www.servosity.com | dstevens@servosity.com

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