87: From pro baseball player to business leader to Christian business trainer with Mike LaPierre

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Michael J LaPierre is a business executive who specializes in Christian leadership training andMike Straight On.CLOSE development. A former minor league baseball player, his executive experiences include VP Sales, Director of Sales & Marketing, Director Global Sales Strategy and other leadership positions with the companies like UPS, Arnold Industries, Lily Transportation, and Roadway Express. Mike is also an entrepreneur, church servant/deacon, and community leader, and he is the founder and current President of Christian Leadership Worldview International (clwi.org).

Time Stamped Show Notes:

  • [1m 58s] Tell us about you and how you got to where you are today. Married with children and grandchildren. Started in Minor League Baseball. Later started climbing the corporate ladder.
  • [4m 25s] How baseball led to his salvation. Befriended by a young man who was a bold witness. Went for a jog one night after a game. Went to center field, no one was around, and dropped to his knees and got saved.
  • [6m 35s] Worst career failure and lessons learned from it: Hitting a recession after many years of success. Lesson: you can never stay too close to ground level. Never too much time you can invest in your employees.
  • [11m 00s] Biggest career success and lessons learned: Securing the Vice President of Sales position at Arnold Industries.
  • [12m 20s] What led to that success? God directing. Diligence.

Second Segment

  • [19m 37s] How are you using your career to impact others for Christ? Started a nonprofit, traveling Christian training and developing ministry. Wrote book: “The Christian Leader’s Worldview.”
  • [24m 04s] Have you ever had a challenge to your faith in the workplace? Dealing with mean spirited people. How to deal with it? Pray.
  • [26m 11s] Recommended book and why? The Tabernacle by M.R. DeHaan, M.D. It teaches that Christ is the beginning and the end.
  • [27m 27s] How can people connect? Website: www.clwi.org. Work email: mike@clwi.org. Personal email: mikelapi@gmail.com.


  • [30m 07s] Biggest weakness in the workplace: 1) Technology side of things 2) Not very detailed
  • [31m 49s] Biggest strength in the workplace: Ability to communicate and build relationships.
  • [33m 05s] Ever been confused on which direction to take? Just gotten a release letter from baseball team. Had no more desire to play baseball. Didn’t know where to go next. Started working three months later.
  • [36m 28s] Ever been down a career path that you were reluctant to go down? Transition from transportation to director of sales and marketing.
  • [38m 09s] Biggest lesson from aforementioned question? Be flexible. Have plans, but allow God to take you somewhere else.
  • [39m 06s] #1 personal habit that drives career success? Spending every morning in God’s word, as well as reading multiple books at a time.
  • [40m 05s] About when do you get up and how long do you spend in the reading? Wake up at 7, go to sleep at midnight. A couple of hours.
  • [41m 03s] #1 business habit that drives career success? Strategic planning.
  • [42m 18s] Productivity tool? Google Adwords.
  • [43m 37s] 3 things to suggest to a new entrepreneur: 1) Read your Bible every single day 2) Pray every day 3) Build relationships with people
  • [45m 07s] Advice for high school seniors? Unsaved: get to know the Savior. Saved: pray, read your Bible, and understand your spiritual gifts

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