Career Callings Radio: February 7, 2015

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Main topic(s):

  • Don’t limit yourself. You have transferable skills!
  • Getting into the mind of the hiring manager.

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From Robbie on the February 7, 2015 Career Callings Radio Show:

Now, when you believe it’s time for you to be looking for that next adventure in your career, one of the most limiting beliefs is that you need to stay in an industry where you’ve built up credentials, experience, and a reputation. Don’t misunderstand me. There’s nothing wrong with staying in an industry where you do have credentials, experience, and a reputation. But maybe it’s clear to you that your current industry isn’t where God would want you to stay. If that’s the case, don’t allow yourself to be put into a box. Rather, consider what other industries could benefit from the transferable skills that you have.

There is a growing body of knowledge out there indicating that it is very possible to take the skills you’ve developed in your current field and transfer them into other arenas. The keys to making this successful transition is to understand what your transferable skills are, and then help the hiring manager understand how you can alleviate his or her pain.

Incidentally, you can use this same approach to gain clients for your business, if you own a business. Figure out what pain someone is going through, and they will pay you to remove it, if you can. To illustrate this, Dear Hiring Manager: I Feel Your Pain, August 2014

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