85: Without vision your career will perish with Justin Ledford

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Justin Ledford has achieved high levels of success in 4 different industries before the aJustin Ledford photoge of 30. He is a Hall of Fame salesperson with millions of dollars in direct sales. He has simultaneously built a marketing organization of over 4,500 people, a construction company that produces over 1 million in sales annually and is an active real estate investor. He speaks frequently at personal growth seminars sharing his mastery of how to achieve BIG goals while living a dream fulfilled life. Alongside his business success, Justin and his wife/business partner, Sara, spend several months each year traveling.

Time Stamped Show Notes:

  • [4m 45s] Tell us about yourself and what you are doing now in your career. Top salesman for Cutco Knives. Also owns a construction company. Also real estate investing. Loves extreme sports like free diving.
  • [6m 15s] Tell us about your book, Visions to the Top. Cut hand off. Doctors said never use again. Used visualization techniques to help healing process. Trusted God could heal him. Can use hand again.
  • [16m 45s] Worst career failure: Real estate investing. Got too aggressive and didn’t look for a mentor before jumping in. Also, hit a rough spot with construction biz. Lesson learned: Don’t spread yourself too thin. Focus on what you know and on your strengths.
  • [19m] Biggest career success: When construction company hit $1 million in sales. At same time, Cutco sales were great. Book launched. Biggest drivers of success: 1) Prayer, 2) Visualization, 3) Plan the day, 4) Tackle worst job first.
  • [21m 4s] Biggest strength: Ability to focus on a task until completed.
  • [22m 20s] Biggest weakness: Lack of systems. Lack of delegation.
  • [23m 40s] Ever been confused along your career path? Confused when spread too thin in businesses. Smoke cleared when God showed him to focus on strengths. Emphasized power of prayer. Power of a made-up mind.
  • [25m 45s] Recommend one book: The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod.
  • [27m 49s] Best way for people to connect: VisionstotheTop.com JustinLedford.net.


  • [30m] Your ideal day: Brush teeth, wash face, prayer, sit down in silence. Tap into positive emotions.
  • [33m 28s] How are you using your career to impact others for Christ? Doing things for Christ, even if it is behind the scenes.
  • [35m 30s] Have you ever been challenged about your faith in the workplace? Yes. The challenges have made me better for The Lord.
  • [36m 45s] Personal habit that drives success: Visualization. 5 phases: 1) inward breath – calm your mind, relax, and breath. 2) Past visions – visually see past accomplishments. 3) Future visions – visualize future accomplishments. 4) Turn up the frequency – turn up your emotional dial. 5) Tap into God
  • [42m 38s] Productivity tool: Having a daily or weekly planner/to-do list with an incentive.
  • [44m 21s] Three tips to business success: 1) Take care of your health, 2) Set realistic goals, 3) focus on productive task, not busy task..
  • [45m 11s] Advice for high school seniors: Build relationships with people.

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